The FEMI Foundation offers both the young and old alike opportunities to live a more dignified and sustainable life.

Mutual respect and equality underpin the sources for inspiration, whilst the Foundation works in collaboration and maintains a keen eye for active commitment and creativity.

In view of wellbeing and prosperity and with each person’s own responsibility and uniqueness at heart, the Foundation seeks to initiate and connect.


Close collaboration with the local community is vital to the success of every FEMI mission. In its activities, everything revolves around FEMI’s most important target group: children. FEMI uses this integrated approach as a base from which, in close cooperation with our local partners, it ensures progress in sustainable development, education, security of nourishment and improvement of income and infrastructure.

The local community is always involved in both the decision-making and in the performance. We strive to ensure that the local community will eventually take over full responsibility for the project.

FEMI operates in seven countries: India, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, Bolivia, Tanzania and the Netherlands. We work with both ‘donations’ (Femi) and ‘loans’ (Zero-Kap) in these countries.