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FEMI Foundation offers opportunities to people

FEMI Foundation offers opportunities to people, young and old, for a more dignified existence with a view to preserving the local ecosystem.

Inspiring from mutual respect and equality in cooperation and alignment to active involvement and creativity. Initiating and connecting in every area of welfare and prosperity with everyone’s own responsibility and individuality.


Hereby we see the growing child as the most important target group. The integral focus is on sustainable development, education, health, food security, income improvement and infrastructure. Central to the approach is local ownership of process and outcome.

FEMI’s mission can be translated into three central objectives:

  1. Providing people with a more dignified existence in a sustainable, integrated manner
  2. Working towards independence
  3. Facilitating networks and making connections

Based on these central goals, projects are selected and cooperation facilitated that contribute to achieving these goals and thus the mission of FEMI.

FEMI focuses on 6 countries namely Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, Bolivia, Tanzania and the Netherlands. In these countries we work with “give money” (Femi) and “loan money” (Zero-Kap).

Our Projects

In collaboration with its partners FEMI is autonomously developing projects in seven countries..

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Zero-Kap is a named fund under FEMI. The fund provides loans to people in developing countries…

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