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Target Group

Zero-Kap provides loans to financial institutions, microfinance institutions, and other institutions that facilitate access to financial resources in regions where FEMI operates. These institutions lend the money obtained from the credit to people living in structural poverty, especially in rural areas. The loan helps them break the cycle of poverty. Through the institution, Zero-Kap provides them access to financial resources they (currently) do not have access to. Zero-Kap is not primarily concerned with the size of the project, but with the targeted approach and the positive impact on income and living conditions.

Principles for Zero-Kap Credit

  • Only directly to financial institutions, microfinance institutions, and other institutions that facilitate access to financial resources;
  • In regions where FEMI operates;
  • The institution provides loans that improve the income of the borrowers and thereby their living conditions;
  • A well-substantiated business plan demonstrates that the opportunities are significant and the risks manageable;
  • The institution commits to the project;
  • The institution is open to technical assistance, if needed;
  • The institution has a track record in providing and monitoring loans.
Zero Kap loan

Technical Assistance

In addition to providing a loan, Zero-Kap can also provide technical assistance to the institution. This depends on the needs of the institution but can focus on digitization, credit scorecards, administration or inefficient processes.



Once there is contact with a potential collaborating institution, common ground and mutual added value are explored with the institution. If this is positive, it can result in a loan and/or technical assistance. Zero-Kap is a fund with a small, expert team. A loan application is carefully prepared. The application is evaluated based on a scoring methodology, in which the business plan, socio-economic impact, success risks, and repayment risks are weighed. The Femi board decides whether a loan is granted. Requests for technical assistance must fit with the allocated budget.



  • A Zero-Kap loan has the following characteristics:
  • The loan is generally denominated in local currency, and interest is charged (up to 15%) to cover currency risk;
  • The loan has a maximum term of five years, excluding any grace period;
  • The principal amount of the loan is up to €50,000;
  • It is a loan and not a grant; the loan must be repaid;
  • There must be a realistic repayment possibility in the applicant’s country (i.e. no countries where that is excluded).


Do you want more information about Zero-Kap? Do you see opportunities for collaboration or know of an institution that could be interesting? If you complete the below form or send an email to, then we will get in touch!

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