Pastoral Social Caritas Coroico

Caritas Coroico carries out extensive development programmes, social assistance and emergency processes for natural disasters, training, orientation and education for the most disadvantaged population groups. The aim is to bring about essential, social and economic changes in the living conditions of these populations by promoting them in an integral, social, economic and cultural manner.

FEMI’s extensive experience in integrated development processes provides a good connection for FEMI to achieve its common goals.

Project municipality of Apolo

The core is to train 30 young people, from 5 different schools, from 5 villages to ‘promoters’ who will encourage and teach their communities to separate/process waste, make their own compost, and set up and promote school vegetable gardens in the communities, including through the other children in the schools. The lessons learned will also be incorporated into teaching materials that will be specially adapted to the local environment and offered to the schools.

Due to the Corona crisis, project activities have been temporarily suspended because school activities and other training moments are not feasible at the moment.